A Booking with a Manchester Escort as a Starter to a Concert


Manchester Escort

To be honest, Manchester is a city I rarely visit. I am from the deep south and find the journey up to Manchester tedious with all the roadworks and traffic problems on the motorways. So, it was with great excitement that one day I did drive up to Manchester to see a fabulous band called Rammstein. Rammstein are a German rock band which I used to joke about with an escort in another country. She was German, and this escort absolutely hated Rammstein. To me the simple lyrics, which I couldn’t understand with the heavy repetitive rhythm from the band were spot on. I had collected most of their albums and desperately wanted to see them live.

Some months before I had seen the band were going to be playing at the Manchester Arena. I booked a ticket for myself. A little while later, on one of the escorting / client forums I had seen a discussion of music while you screw. There were many suggestions from nothing to Rock music. I ventured I would love to have Rammstein playing in the background. It would provide an excellent beat to make love to. One Manchester escort picked up on this and we agreed a meet on the day of the concert at her flat.

The Day of the Manchester Escort

The day arrived, and I drove up to Manchester leaving plenty of time to arrive. I did not want to be late. The traffic to Manchester can be totally unpredictable. I arrived with hours to spare and was in the end reduced to visiting museums before the appointment with the Hot Manchester escort. The time arrived, and I dutifully called her to receive the final instructions on the location of her working flat. The call was promptly answered, instructions received, and I was quietly knocking at her door in a couple of minutes.

Yes, she had a CD player, and a Ramstein album ready. This was put on play while we played on the bed to the music. Fun and a first for me. Interestingly I discovered she was going to the concert in the evening as well. She was going with her friends and was in the standing area. I was in the seated area, I had left it too late in buying the tickets to get the preferred standing tickets.

The Ramstein Concert

We parted our ways at the flat, she off to prepare for the evening, me to catch something to eat before the concert. I arrived at the concert and listened first to a Finnish band called Apocalyptica who consisted of 4 Cello players and a drummer playing Rock. Then on came Rammstein who played my favourites and most of their new album ReiseReise. The show effects were spectacular with fireworks and flame throwers. The band came on stage with flame throwers. There also were static flame throwers at the front and the back of the stage, throwing flames twenty feet into the air.

Did I see the Manchester Escort that evening? No, I didn’t, she said she was there at the back of the crowd. I couldn’t pick her out in the crowd. She was lovely, she gave me a lovely prequel to the concert. Now I just had the long drive home. At least the roads were quiet.

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